Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation and refund Policy Airwire broadband

You may cancel your Nedataa (Airwire) Internet service for any reason after your subscription period. You're responsible for service fee charges incurred through cancellation and must return any leased equipment. If you cancel before your subscription period expires (Early Termination fee will be charged). You must pay service fees including an ETF.

Refund Policy:

The Refund Amount will be issued to the customer within 21 working days subject to the disconnection of Nedataa(airwire) service as well as the collection of Airwire device from the customer premises.
A Valid Physical Or Online Receipt Should Be Available At The Time Of Requesting For A Refund.

3) Dual Payment:

In Case Of Dual Payment Complete Documentary Evidence Of The Dual Payment Would Have To Be Provided In Hard Copy Or Via Email.

4) Recharges And Bill Payments:

Orders Once Placed, Will Not Be Allowed To Cancel immediately And No Refund Will Be Issued.
It Is Your Responsibility To Key In The Right Mobile Number Or Nedataa.Com Login Id When Recharging. We Will Not Be Held Responsible For An Incorrect Mobile Number Or Nedataa.Com Login Id Entered.
We Suggest You To Check Your Order Information Twice Before Making Your Payment. On The Other Hand, If For Any Reason, The Payment Was Made I.E., Your Credit Card, Debit Card Or Bank Account Was Charged But You Did Not Receive The Recharge Within 24 Hours Then You Should Contact Our Support Team With All The Information Such As Operator Name, Order Number, Recharge Amount, Region, Mobile Number Or Nedataa.Com Login Id And So On.
We May Request For Additional Information From You If Necessary.
After Investigating, If The Claim Is Verified Then Your Money Will Be Refunded Back To You Within 21 Working Days From The Date The Claim Was First Reported.
Note: The Information Related To Recharge Vouchers, Special Packs, Rate Cutters, Plans And Its Related Offering On The Site Is Only A Guide And Should Be Verified With The Operator Before Making Any Purchases.

We Will Not Be Held Responsible Or Liable For Up-To-Date Details On The Plan Pricing And Offering. This Topic Applies Equally Well To The Bill Payment Service As Well.